Does it have a "Hospital Grade" suction ?

Yes. At 300 mmHg peak power, the SerenePump™ is in-line with a "Hospital Grade" wired pumps. It has two modes and 5 levels of intensity. Expression mode suction value ranges from 120~300 mmHg. Stimulation mode suction value ranges from 30~180 mmHg.

Will it leak if I bend over ? 

No. The SerenePump™ will not leak unless you flip it upside-down.

Does it have a timer on it ?

Yes. The SerenePump™ will auto shut-off every 20 minutes.

How do I clean silicone parts ?

Steam sterilizing bags is the most common method of sterilization. Also, all parts (except the motor) are dishwasher safe. The hand wash & baby soap works great too. Avoid boiling of any kind. It will damage the silicone.

Does it work with large breasts ?

Yes. The SerenePump™ is designed to work with any cup size. Nipple size is the only thing that matters. View the SerenePump™ webpage to see the sizing guide.