CozyCloud™ Baby Comfort Bed

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Say Goodbye To Sleepless Nights With The Baby Snuggle Bed

Are you tired of constantly being woken up and feeling exhausted? Does your little one struggle to sleep comfortably when you're out and about?

The CozyCloud™ is here to help! Designed with your baby's comfort in mind, it provides a cozy and secure sleeping environment, ensuring better sleep for your little one anywhere and anytime.

Trusted By Many Happy Australians

"I absolutely love the CozyCloud! It's so cozy and comfortable, and my baby sleeps soundly wherever we go. It's easy to take with us on trips and has been a lifesaver for us. I highly recommend it to any parent looking for a convenient and comfortable sleeping solution for their little one." - Mikayla J. - Adelaide.

Why Your Little Bubba Will Needs This

Prevents Flat Head Syndrome With Headrest Design

Cocoon Edges Prevent Startle Reflex & Colic

Helps With Digestion For a Happier Baby

Contoured Design Supports Healthy Development

Mimics The Womb

Portable & Lightweight For Travel Convenience

Anti-Roll Pillow For Added Safety & Comfort

Breathable Fabric For Cool & Comfy Sleep

✓ Provides Cozy & Secure Sleeping Environment

Australian Owned & Operated

 Reduces The Risk Of Flat-Head Syndrome

CozyCloud™ features a headrest that's been specially designed by pediatricians. It helps distribute pressure evenly over your baby's skull and neck, which promotes the healthy development of their head shape and prevents the risk of flat-head syndrome.

Anti-Rollover Shaped Pillow

CozyCloud™ is uniquely designed to imitate the shape of an infant's embryo period and the female uterus. This provides a comfortable and secure environment for your little one to rest in, and the anti-rolling shaped pillow ensures they stay in a safe and comfortable position throughout the night.

Provides Ultimate Comfort

CozyCloud™ is made from soft, breathable fabric that keeps your baby's back and neck areas cool and comfortable. This helps prevent overheating and promotes better sleep for your little one.

Colic & Reflux Solution

The CozyCloud™ features built-in cushioned edges that create a cozy and secure cocoon-like environment for your baby. As your baby grows, our leg support roll can be easily detached and adjusted to provide fractional elevation to their legs, ensuring they are in a more comfortable position. It helps prevent reflux, creates the ideal back position, and avoids any strain on the stomach muscles that may occur with flat legs.

Product Details

⇒ Size: 55cm length, 22cm width (head), 38cm width (bottom) however can be adjusted to suit your little one.

⇒ Material: Polyester/ cotton and is 100% breathable

⇒ Suitable for up to 16 months olds

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