Headache & Migraine Relief Hat

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Goodbye Pain, Hello Relief

Find freedom from pain and the power to get back to what you love to do.

Our Headache & Migraine Relief Hat will provide deep relaxation, reduce pain by relieving tension, inflammation, blocked sinuses, puffy eyes and can provide stress/anxiety relief. It's ideal for people who suffer from headaches, migraines or facial tension because the compression and hot/cold therapy delivers instant and natural relief.

Perfect For Anyone That Suffers From Headaches Or Migraines

✓ Naturally Soothes Headaches, Migraines & More

Enhances A Longer Lasting, Better Quality Sleep

Eases Any Tension & Pressure

Designed With Ice & Heat Therapy For Extra Relief

Don't Rely On Prescription Medication

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


✔️ FREEZES FAST, STAYS COLD - Inner gel material freezes in less time and stays cold longer than traditional ice packs. Need continuous relief? Be sure to purchase two or more so you'll always have one ready to go.

✔️ HEADACHE AND MIGRAINE RELIEF - The Migraine Mask offers 360 degrees of coverage to completely envelop your head to alleviate pounding headaches and debilitating migraine flare ups.

✔️ COLD OR HOT THERAPY - The form-fitting gel mask can be frozen for cold therapy or microwaved for heated therapy. Designed to target problematic areas like the temples, forehead, sides, back of the neck and eyes.

✔️ ONE SIZE FITS ALL - This Migraine Relief Cap is a stretchable compression headache hat and migraine mask with adjustable velcro that is guaranteed to perfectly fit any head size/shape - one size fits all. 

✔️ EXPERT-GRADE GEL -  Made with cutting-edge material and expert-grade gel, it's cool even without being frozen. Non-toxic and no-smell, the thick solid gel stays cold longer, remains smooth and pliable when frozen and is very calming to wear. 

✔️ CAN BE WORN TWO WAYS - You can wear this cap both ways: either covering your entire head, or just the top of your head so that you can still see. Both ways of wearing this cap provides relief, but if you really want to reduce your headache, we recommend wearing the cap over your entire head while lying down in a quiet space and taking advantage of the cold therapy this cap provides.


  • Soft, stretchable and comfortable 360° full coverage and form fitting
  • Provides natural relief via hot/cold therapy as needed
  • Blocks light and creates a calm, cool, dark environment
  • Effectively relieves headaches and migraines
  • Great for stress and anxiety relief due to the calming sensation this cap provides
  • Stays hot/cold for the perfect amount of time
  • Thick expert-grade gel with no smell
  • Flexible, leak-proof and travel friendly

Feel safe with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia's leading pain relief store, if the product arrives damaged, broken or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 30 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked! 

Package Content

  • x1 Headache & Migraine Relief Hat (In Your Selected Colour) 


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