PosturePro™ Kneeling Chair

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Say Goodbye To Lower Back Pain With Our Innovative Kneeling Chair

You've probably experienced the discomfort of lower back pain and have tried everything from overpriced physiotherapy to harmful medication, OR worse, you have just suffered and 'put up' with the pain. 

Life does not have to be this way anymore! With our NEW PosturePro™ Kneeling Chair, you can say goodbye to lower back pain for good, while also improving your posture.

Trusted By Many Happy Australians

"I have suffered from lower back pain for years. I've tried an array of medications, but nothing compared to how much relief this gave me. I feel so much better!" - Susan K.

90% of customers reported significant relief from lower back pain.

95% reported improved posture & reduced stiffness. 

Join our many Happy Australian Customers who have experienced relief from lower back pain thanks to the PosturePro™ Kneeling Chair! 

Benefits Of The PosturePro™

✅ Relieves lower back pain with optimal spinal alignment

✅ Save $1000's on massage, chiro & physio

✅ Reduces sciatic pain & nerve pressure in your lower back

✅ Boosts productivity & focus with better blood flow & oxygenation

✅ Achieve a perfect posture, reduce slouching, & boost your energy levels

✅ Promotes active sitting for core strength & balance

✅ Reduce fatigue & increase comfort during long sitting periods

Enhances spine health by reducing pressure on intervertebral discs

✅ Australian owned & operated

✅ Risk-free 30-day money back guarantee

How Does The PosturePro™ Kneeling Chair Help?

By sitting in a more upright position, the kneeling chair reduces pressure on your back and strengthens your core muscles. Additionally, the kneeling chair relieves lower back, and sciatic pain by improving the lumbar curve and aligning the back, neck, and shoulders. 

The Kneeling Chair provides you with a healthy position for your back, helping you maintain a balanced sitting position. 

How Does It Improve Posture?

Using a kneeling chair can improve posture and reduce back pain by distributing the body's weight more evenly. The design encourages the natural curve of the spine and helps to engage core muscles, leading to better alignment and an increase in blood flow to the lower body.

Increased Oxygen & Blood Flow

The kneeling chair promotes better blood and oxygen flow by reducing pressure on the lower back and legs, which can impede circulation. By encouraging an upright posture, the chair helps to keep the spine properly aligned and allows the diaphragm to move more freely, facilitating better breathing and circulation throughout the body.

Transform Your Workspace

Transform your workspace with our versatile chair that seamlessly blends into any environment. Its compact design allows for quick placement on your desk, freeing up valuable space. Unlike traditional office chairs, our chair is sleek and unobtrusive; eliminating the bulky appearance that overwhelms many workspaces.

Feel Safe With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident in our products and we are certain you will be too! Which is why we offer a Risk-Free - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - T&Cs apply 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our chairs work best for people between 4'5" and 6'7".

Because of the ideal model design, it doesn't have to be adjusted. 

Desk height?

It was designed to work with a standard 29"-34'' inch (75 - 90 cm) height desk.

This kneeling chair will be perfect for you!


Height: 530mm

Length: 720mm

Width: 455mm

Weight Capacity: 115kg

Recommend Height: 4'5" and 6'7"

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